92 Prince

Situated on the high-profile intersection of Prince and Mercer Streets in the heart of the Landmark District of SoHo, Fierro Build built a 6,500 sq. ft. three-floor Commercial Building was a sophisticated undertaking. Currently occupied by Nespresso. Display and sales space will occupy 2,600 sq. ft. on the ground floor and 1,400 sq. ft. on the mezzanine while the basement will provide 2,600 sq. ft. of storage space. The complexity of the project is evidenced in detail drawings which translated into reality. The project presented many unique challenges, starting from the ground up. Because adjacent structures are either massive or turn-of the century, the foundation necessitated extensive and careful underpinning to prevent any possible shifting. Another site-specific challenge was posed by the SoHo’s Cast Iron Historical District, which calls for the use of a steel ornamental curtain wall. This highly articulated, forty-piece wall required meticulous assembly to ensure a water-proofed facade. Constraints imposed by narrow site have also demanded an unusually precise degree of coordination to ensure that men and material did not obstruct the intersection’s high-volume pedestrian and car traffic. Interior construction was no less challenging. Designed to evoke the feeling of a sophisticated art gallery, the sales area demanded the highest levels of finishing. To achieve this, Fierro Build coordinated the numerous trades and craftsman required to install everything from custom cabinetry & moldings to elaborate lighting and HVAC system.